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Limiting Harm in Health Care

A Nursing Perspective

Kate Robinson (Hrsg.), Frank Milligan (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Pflege


Limiting Harm in Health Care highlights the potential forunnecessary harm in health care practice. This harm is mostlyunintentional, but it can result from many different aspects ofmedical treatment in a wide range of practice areas. Adverseevents, events or omissions during clinical care resulting inphysical or psychological injury, are increasingly being recognisedas significant problems in health care. Following clarification of the nature and extent of medical harmin health care, separate chapters explore the potential for medicalharm in diverse areas of practice. Topics include problems in theuse of medication, the treatment of acute heart disease, the roleof hospital routine and the potentially negative role of medicallydominated treatment in mental illness and palliative care. The bookincludes recommendations for reducing unnecessary harm within theexpanding boundaries of nursing practice. The reader is challengedto assess the potential risks inherent in the health care system,to reconsider established methods of treatment, and to re-examineprofessional working relationships.


'A highly original book, where the authors succeed in taking abroad approach to the notion of risk within healthcare. Itstipulates a nursing perspective but would be equally valid to awider inter-professional audience.'

Accident and Emergency Nursing
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