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Greek Political Thought

Ryan K. Balot

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Antike


This wide-ranging history of ancient Greek political thought showswhat ancient political texts might mean to citizens of thetwenty-first century. * A provocative and wide-ranging history of ancient Greekpolitical thought * Demonstrates what ancient Greek works of political philosophymight mean to citizens of the twenty-first century * Examines an array of poetic, historical, and philosophicaltexts in an effort to locate Greek political thought in itscultural context * Pays careful attention to the distinctively ancient connectionsbetween politics and ethics * Structured around key themes such as the origins of politicalthought, political self-definition, revolutions in politicalthought, democracy and imperialism


(The Classical Review, 2008)
"Balot's book is written with admirable clarity and offers acoherent and sophisticated perspective on ancient politics for anundergraduate.... It has a thought-provoking agenda and treats theabstract issues really well."
(Journal of Hellenic Studies,February 2009)
"This comprehensive and well-informed book fills a niche.... [A]clearly argued and illuminating book. Balot achieves his statedaims with deceptive ease."
(The Classical Review,Vol 58 No. 1, 2008)
"Balot's book is written with admirable clarity andoffers a coherent and sophisticated perspective on ancient politicsfor an undergraduate audience."
(Bryn Mawr Classical Review)
"Balot has provided students with a carefully cleared paththrough several centuries of thought about Greek politics."
-Paul Cartledge, University of Cambridge
"Greek Political Thought is a great starting point forany student interested in the ethical and political thought of theancient world." (Philosophy Reviews)"Balot's historical and narrative approach has the huge merit ofcombining ancient context and modern relevance. Balot eavesdrops onPlato, Aristotle and their forerunners and successors to bring usthe hot political news. His lively brand of 'virtue politics'should instruct the advanced undergraduate and graduate studentaudience at which it is aimed, as well as refresh the parts of theestablished academy that drier scholarship cannot reach. Written inan easy and attractive style, Greek Political Thoughtpromises to stimulate a vivacious dialogue between ancient andmodern political concerns."
-Stephen Salkever, Bryn Mawr College
"This is a remarkable book, a work of exceptional erudition andinsight. It supplies a much needed survey of Greek politicalthought, but it is considerably more than an accessible andtrustworthy guide to the territory. Balot presents himself not asan antiquarian chronicler but as an active interpreter, setting outthe debates among the texts of the Greek tradition as new resourcesfor thinking about the ethics and politics of our own time. Oftencontroversial, but always scrupulous, Greek PoliticalThought will be of great value to serious students at everylevel."
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