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Nursing the Neonate

Maggie Meeks (Hrsg.), Helen Yeo (Hrsg.), Maggie Hallsworth (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Pflege


Written by a multidisciplinary team of medical and nursing experts,this fully-updated second edition provides evidence-based coverageof all frequently seen neonatal conditions. Divided into chaptersbased on body-systems, each section includes discussion of relevantembryology, anatomy and physiology. Designed for real-life practice in the ward, each chapterincludes clear guidelines for procedure and discussion of bestpractice. Case studies are used throughout to aid discussion ofspecific equipment, conditions, and situations. An essential resource for neonatal nursing and midwiferystudents, as well as practicing neonatal nurses, this acclaimedtext may also be of use to junior doctors beginningneonatology. * Evidence-based theory clearly linked to application in the wardwith case studies throughout * Procedure and equipment guidelines included, with specificrecommendations for practice * Accessible format designed for easy reading and reference * Highly illustrated with relevant diagrams and pictures


It explains the most complex facts clearly. Each chapter isintroduced with learning outcomes, and illustrations are used tohighlight essential information. Specific implications forpractice are detailed after each topic. All neonatal unitsshould have a copy of this excellent resource. (NursingStandard, July-August 2010)
-- Journal of Neonatal Nursing
"This well structured, comprehensive book was written by [doctorsand] nurses for nursing and midwifery students as well aspractising neonatal nurses...Easy to read and well illustrated...Iwould recommend this book whole heartedly...a valuable addition toany neonatal unit and healthcare library."
--New Zealand College of midwives journal
This comprehensive text covers all aspects of neonatalnursing...Research-based, Nursing the Neonate includesreferences to the most up-to-date research andpractice...Would make an excellent resource book for healthprofessionals within this speciality."



Gemeindekrankenpflege, Community Nursing, Nursing, Nursing Children & Young People, Hebammenpraxis, Krankenpflege, Krankenpflege in der Pädiatrie u. Neonatologie, Midwifery