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Caring for the Perioperative Patient

Paul Wicker, Joy O'Neill

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Pflege


Caring for the Perioperative Patient is a practical, evidence-basedand innovative book that identifies and discusses the essentialcore skills and knowledge required by perioperative practitionersto care for their patients. Divided into two sections, thefirst explores core perioperative issues, such as pharmacology,communication, homeostasis, and equipment. The second part ofthe book looks at more specific perioperative practice issues,including enhanced competence, patient preparation, and care of thepatient during anaesthesia, surgery, and recovery. This updated new edition is skills-focused and uses examples oftechniques or procedures to illustrate how skills can be applied inperioperative practice. It is essential reading for nurses oroperating department practitioners (ODPs) who perform scrub,circulating, anaesthetic and recovery roles whilst caring forperioperative patients, as well as nursing and ODP students workingin perioperative care. * New edition of a successful text for perioperativepractitioners and students * Emphasises holistic patient centred care * Focused on key skills and knowledge required bypractitioners * Explores the evidence-base for safe and effective practice



Intensiv- u. Notfallpflege, Nursing, Krankenpflege, Acute, Critical & Emergency Care