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Maiden Lane

Border City Blues

Michael Januska

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Belletristik / Historische Kriminalromane


It's the winter of 1923 and the border towns are under a deep freeze, with ferries ice-bound in the Detroit River, snow burying the streets, and power interruptions. Prohibition is still the backdrop to daily life, but opium smuggling and human trafficking are a pair of disturbing additions to the mix.


In a failed attempt at transporting whisky across the Detroit River, a grim find is brought to the surface. When one of Detective Campbell's late-night walks is abruptly interrupted by a loud crash and a grisly thump, he summons his colleague Dr. Laforet to help with the case. Soon both cops and rumrunners are racing to connect the dots.

With a whisper of the occult in the chill Windsor air, Campbell and Laforet are caught up in another mystery.

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Gypsy, Windsor, Great War, Border City, Maguire, Moonshine, Prohibition, McCloskey, Whisky, Flapper, Boxing, Frozen, Ford, Montreal, Vaudeville, Jack Dempsey, Smuggling, Studebaker, Russian, Walkerville, Gangster, Jazz, Rumrunner, Chinese, Ojibway, Speakeasy, Riverside, Detroit, Bootlegger