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Ontario Genealogical Society 12-Book Bundle

Conserving, Preserving, and Restoring Your Heritage / Genealogical Standards of Evidence / and 10 more

Margaret Ann Wilkinson, Marian Press, Kennis Kim, et al.

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For over fifty years, The Ontario Genealogical Society has been working to encourage, bring together, and assist people interested in the pursuit of family history, and the society is recognized as the authority and leader in all aspects of Ontario-related family history research, preservation, and communication. This special twelve-book bundle collects 12 titles that will be a delight and an invaluable resource for genealogical researchers and for people researching their own family histories. The titles range from guides on genealogy and the law, including inheritance, to guides that assist in research and in publishing a family history, to more specific texts that detail research in specific areas such as Irish family history and early Toronto. This collection is essential reading for anyone interested in pursuing genealogical research in Ontario. Includes: A Better Place A Call to the Colours Conserving, Preserving, and Restoring Your Heritage Crime and Punishment in Upper Canada Education and Ontario Family History Genealogical Standards of Evidence Genealogy and the Law in Canada Inheritance in Ontario Publish Your Family History Researching Your Irish Ancestors at Home and Abroad Time Traveller’s Handbook York’s Sacrifice

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