Lark Goes the Distance

Natasha Deen

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


Kate's watch has been stolen!

Lark and Connor Ba are off to the park to set up for the Run in the Sun fundraiser. But trouble is brewing: Their friend Kate's heirloom watch has been stolen! The thief left a note of warning—she must drop out of the race, or she'll never see the watch again. Everyone knows how important this race is to Kate, especially her little sister Nola, who has seen how much she's trained for it.

Lark, Connor and their friends interview people around the course and try to find the culprit. There are several people with motives, including Timothy, who's super competitive, and even Kate herself, whose time in the race hasn't been as good as she'd hoped. They have only until 3:00 pm to find the culprit or Kate might lose her watch forever.

Includes bonus material, as Lark shares the meanings behind her favorite words and idioms from the story. Lark Goes the Distance is the seventh title in the Lark Ba Detective series, following Lark Steals the Show, Lark Has the Shivers, Lark and the Dessert Disaster, Lark Takes a Bow, Lark and the Diamond Caper and Lark Holds the Key.

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obstacle course, female detective, kid detective, police officer, neurodiversity, suspects, characters of color, incidental diversity, helping friends, theft, dyslexic characters, siblings, confession, vocabulary development, learning disabilities, twins, deductive reasoning, interviews, community fundraiser, competition, dyslexia-friendly font, girl detective, ice cream, mystery stories, telling the truth, red herrings, accessible books, volunteerism, heirloom watch, working together