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Gracie Opens Shop

Tina Wells

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


Everything seems to be working out for Grace “Gracie” Alexander-Cline. She’s made an amazing group of besties through the Passion For Fashion class at her mama’s studio, Zoey’s Closet, she’s spending more time than ever with her crush Ali Mansourian, and her peers at school are finally starting to appreciate her signature punk style—she’s even getting a style feature in the school paper! But the very best part? She and the rest of the Passion For Fashion girls are starting a business together. The business has been something Gracie has been wanting to do for months now and she’s thrilled her friends have finally agreed to get started on it. But as the school year progresses, tension builds as Gracie senses that her girlfriends might not be as passionate about the business as she is. While Gracie has abstained from any and all extracurriculars so that the business can be her primary focus, her friends seem to be too preoccupied with their other after school activities to put their all into it. Luckily Gracie has Lily, who has slowly become the closest to her of the P4F crew, in her corner. But when Gracie picks Lily as the one friend to bring along with her on a family trip to the Poconos, even more tension is created within the group. Gracie was so excited to have finally found a group of friends who really get her. But will she be able to keep them?

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business, sewing, knitting, shop, tween, Fashionista, fashion show, dress clothes, style, first crush, middle grade, adolescence, puberty, multiple perspectives, store, diy design, lgbtq+