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Iii Arrival

Yang-Un Moon

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Sachbuch / Lexika, Nachschlagewerke


Mega-Meta-Trans-Metamorphosisi, multi-mega-super parasonic speed. Its going to be really speedy keep your antenna high and still soon announcement through mecrophone.. Transformation through insanity to eventual inevitable process of final landing upon sanity, arrival of sainthood THE RAINBOW MASTERS. Truest metamorphosis is not kindergarten kids mission. Its your mission. You do it; simple plain. Its your job, so go on meet our ultimate dead-line no matter what! Brave to break up! Ring the bell on your primitive primordial original days of umbilical cord. True introduction;annihilation of super-powerful megalomaniac marooned island of darkness, fearful nights of tortuous torture. Love the worthy, pay what it worth for, and mind your own business to the last minutest detail, dont leave it wide undone, untenable, unattainable. Still long way to go. Pounding pulse, prolific diversity of your feebled memory of umbilical cord, extract suction out off from MY eternal pure energized liquid out from MY veins of formulative universal creation. Its all interlinked, inter-infra-inner-connectedness. You detect perceptive formula of magical sunrise, sunset, sunbursting outstream of earthly energetically creative upswing from MY heavenly universal stroke of divine pool. Do not merely linger on, open it, you will be able to learn, to lead.

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