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Latinas in the Criminal Justice System

Victims, Targets, and Offenders

Vera Lopez (Hrsg.), Lisa Pasko (Hrsg.)

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How Latina girls and women become entangled in the criminal justice system

Despite representing roughly 16 percent of incarcerated women, Latina women and girls are often rendered invisible in accounts of American crime and punishment. In Latinas in the Criminal Justice System, Vera Lopez and Lisa Pasko bring together a group of distinguished scholars to provide a more complete, nuanced picture of Latinas as victims, offenders, and targets of deportation. Featuring Cecilia Menjívar, Lisa M. Martinez, Alice Cepeda, and others, this volume examines the complex histories, backgrounds, and struggles of Latinas in the criminal justice system.

Contributors show us how Latinas encounter a variety of justice systems, including juvenile detention, adult court and corrections, and immigration and customs enforcement. Topics include Latina victims of crime and their perceptions of police officers; the impact of the US “crimmigration” system on undocumented Latina women; and help-seeking among Latina victims of intimate partner violence. Additionally, key chapters highlight the emergence of legal reforms, community mobilization efforts, and gender-sensitive alternatives to incarceration designed to increase equitable outcomes.

Lopez and Pasko broaden our understanding of how gender, ethnicity, and legal status uniquely shape the experiences of system-impacted Latina girls and women. Latinas in the Criminal Justice System is a timely and much-needed resource for academics, activists, and policymakers.

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Carceral policies, Gendered violence, Schooling, Interpersonal victimization, Ethnic identity, Latina offenders, Mothering, Crimmigration, Latin America, Dating violence, Immigration Enforcement, Gender, Gang involvement, Leadership, Gangs, Intimate partner victimization, Punishment, Family, Ethnicity, Prevention, Female delinquency, Immigration, Incarcerated women, Mother-daughter relationship, Victimization, Smuggling, Youth, Border policies, Culturally-responsive programming, Detention, Feminist criminology, Juvenile justice, Sexual minority girls, Bullying, Intersectionality, US legal system, Sexual assault, Social justice, Violence, Latina youth, Social networks, Protective factors, Intimate partner violence, Migration, Deportation, Pathways factors