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Isaiah's Exceptional Day

Trevor Meredith

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


Isaiah's day off school promises nice weather, so he chooses to go fishing and ends up on an incredible adventure with a very happy ending.

It was a day off from school. A day where anything could happen. Isaiah sat on the side of his bed wondering how it might turn out, realizing that it would all depend on the weather. Best to go check. The skies looked bright and clear, which made him think that instead of a lazy day watching videos or playing some old video game he'd already beaten a bunch of times, he might get to do something he enjoyed more than anything else. He hopped off his bed and went to his closet. Opening it up he grabbed the main thing heÕd need to have a great day. His fishing pole!

Now, happy he'd decided how he was going to spend his day, it was time to go grab some breakfast . Gotta fill up and make sure I have the most time for fishing, he thought. In the kitchen he saw his little sister, Jaelyn, just staring at her cereal. She was normally singing the latest commercial jingle from the TV or chattering merrily about anything and everything. This morning she was very quiet. Isaiah grabbed a bowl from the cupboard, threw in some cereal, and splashed in some milk. In between mouthfuls he asked his sister what was up. She took so long to answer he knew it must be very serious. She told him, sniffling sadly, that she'd lost her three-wheeler. Wow, he thought, she loves that thing! Not wanting to hold up his trip too much, he promised to help look for it later that day and raced out into the morning. "You be careful, take something to eat, and take a jacket just in case!" hollered his Mom as he grabbed his bike. "I will Mom", he hollered back as he adjusted his backpack, balanced his fishing pole in one hand, and climbed aboard his bike.

The day becomes exceptional when Isaiah discoverers a hidden flying craft and has a fantastic adventure with its owners.

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