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Open the Safe of Winners

AJ Rolls

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


There are winners and losers in life. AJ Rolls has made it a lifelong study to find out why some people live their life as winners and other people live their life as losers.

He has consolidated his findings in this book so you will know what a winner is, why you were a winner and what you have to do to continue winning.

Learn the following:

How to win. Things to avoid in life that could cause you to become a loser. How a person becomes a winner. Why a person becomes a winner. What attributes to winning. Anti winning. Things that attempts to stop you from winning or being a winner. The enemy of winners. Crawling as a winner. Standing as a winner. Walking as a winner. Running as a winner. Live as a winner or fall as a loser.