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Radical Generosity

Resisting Xenophobia, Considering Cosmopolitanism

Ali Kashani

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Pädagogik


In this bold and original work, Ali Kashani argues that the rise of the far right political

discourse, xenophobia, and the current immigration and refugee crisis indicate that

existing values, norms, and practices are inadequate. Thus, it is vital to critique and

resist existing values and norms that produce ultra-nationalistic and xenophobic

practices. Thus, radical generosity is crucial and necessary. The concept of radical

generosity opens the possibility for the transformation of ethical and political practices

and a move toward cosmopolitanism.

Kashani develops the concept of radical generosity as a social and political practice

and as an original grounding for cosmopolitanism, as both an ethical and political

transformative practice-and as a critique to resist the rise of the far right political

discourse and xenophobia. Radical Generosity suggests, a new way to bridge

ethical and political practices and moves beyond ethical subjectivity by Derrida and

Levinas and draws inspiration from the Stoics, Aristotle’s virtue ethics , radicalized by

Nietzsche’s concept of magnanimity with anarchist tendencies,and Marx’s idea of

praxis as social transformative practice.

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