Hawaiian Mythology

Martha Warren Beckwith

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Sozialwissenschaften allgemein


Having studied under famed ethnographer Franz Boas at Columbia University, Martha Warren Beckwith dedicated her career to recording and contextualizing the traditions of people from around the world. Specializing in Jamaican, Hawaiian, Sioux, and Mandan-Hidatsa cultures, she published widely acclaimed works of folklore and ethnography through her interviews with native storytellers around the world. Hawaiian Mythology-her most recognized work-is a highly celebrated, monumental study that brings together three decades of exhaustive research of indigenous Hawaiian folklore, culture, and society. Setting itself apart from more conventional collections of folklore, Hawaiian Mythology does not concern itself with simply translating or retelling popular Hawaiian myths; instead, Beckwith presents variant narratives and core folklore motifs, guiding the reader through every significant theme and deity in Hawaiian mythology. Without question, it is one of the most comprehensive studies ever conducted on the indigenous culture of Hawai'i and her people before annexation; and is widely considered to be an authoritative text on Hawaiian folklore as it is known today.This edition of Martha Warren Beckwith's Hawaiian Mythology is a classic of anthropological literature reimagined for modern readers. Since our inception in 2020, Mint Editions has kept sustainability and innovation at the forefront of our mission. Each and every Mint Edition title gets a fresh, professionally typeset manuscript and a dazzling new cover, all while maintaining the integrity of the original book. With thousands of titles in our collection, we aim to spotlight diverse public domain works to help them find modern audiences. Mint Editions celebrates a breadth of literary works, curated from both canonical and overlooked classics from writers around the globe.

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