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The Legacy of Mayor Anthony Williams

Economic Development in the Federal City

Ray, Jr. Crawford

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The Legacy of Mayor Anthony Williams: Economic Development in the Federal City examines the leadership of former Washington, D.C., Mayor Anthony Williams during his tenure in the office from 1998 to 2006. The first purpose of this book is to provide an analytical tool for effective mayoral leadership that will be appropriate for the unique characteristics of Washington, DC, which may also be applicable to other jurisdictions that have similar issues. The second purpose is to address the gap in academic analysis with a specific focus on political leadership at the mayoral level. This book, therefore, proffers the hypothesis that the performance of a scientific study with a specific focus on the issue of mayoral leadership within Washington, DC, will increase the probability of effective mayoral leadership in the future.

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trait theory, mayors, Marion Barry, Muriel Bowser, DC city government, Washington, DC, leadership, ideal type of mayoral leadership, Anthony Williams, Black Politics