Their Iron Indignation

Dispatches from Europe's Far-Right Revolution

John Lloyd

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Politikwissenschaft


Europe's advancing new Far Right is among the most consequential movements of our time. Its leaders have long been labelled, perhaps dismissed, as populist--but parties with programmes of radical social, cultural and economic change have now formed governments or coalitions; more still are tipped to win their country's next election; all have national followings; and their combined force could destabilise the EU. How far might they go? 

From Poland, Hungary and Italy to Sweden, France and Germany, Their Iron Indignation uncovers the road to power among politicians revered and reviled for their opposition to immigration, globalisation and the European project, their appeal to working people, and their warnings of perceived threats to traditional family life. It traces New Right parties' successes and failures in government, probes their claims to have severed ties with any fascist or Nazi roots, and explores their links to Russia and the MAGA/Trump movement. 

Reporting from illegal migrant camps and political rallies, interviewing leaders, followers and opponents, veteran journalist John Lloyd brings to life the complexity and influence of these parties, whose programmes are potentially revolutionary. Understanding their attraction, and what they do with power once they have it, has become urgently important.



current affairs, fascism, Europe's far-right, Far-right politics, European politics