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Men Like Gods

A Novel

H. G. Wells

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Belletristik / Science Fiction, Fantasy


Barnstaple, a burnt out journalist, decides to go on holiday and leave the rat race behind. He leaves his family at home and hits the road. His car along with several others are miraculous transported 3,000 years into an alternate future. The world he lands in, a veritable utopia, has a history very much like his own but for small details. Mankind has left behind its governments and religions for good or ill. Each person lives a life of their own choosing. Barnstaple and the occupants of the other cars are quarantined because of the illnesses they have unwittingly transported to this alternate future. During the quarantine his fellow time travelers decide that they can conquer this idyllic world and live like kings. Barnstaple must decide if he will join them or betray his own kind to protect utopia. 'Men Like Gods' was the first novel of it’s kind a blend of science fiction and fantasy. It’s influence forever changed genre fiction creating the sub-genre science fantasy. A classic.



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