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Texas Confidential

Sex, Scandal, Murder, and Mayhem in the Lone Star State

Michael Varhola

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The latest installment in the Confidential series, Texas Confidential pokes at the seamy underbelly of the Lone Star State, where folks do everything -- including sex, scandal, murder, and mayhem -- in a big way. Author Michael J. Varhola rounds up more than 40 Texas tales -- from the rogues who defended the Alamo to the rogues who brought down Enron. Along the way, readers learn the sordid details of sex -- from Miss Hattie's Bordello in West Texas (now a museum!) to "Charlie Wilson's Whore" scandal -- from corrupt governors "Ma" and "Pa" Ferguson to corrupt politicians Lyndon Johnson and Tom DeLay; murder -- from Bonnie and Clyde to the Kennedy Assassination to the over-zealous cheerleader mom; and mayhem -- from the crash of a UFO in 1897 in the little town of Aurora to Nazi war criminals hiding in El Paso (while working for the local government). Packed with pictures and loaded with sidebars, Texas Confidential is informative, irreverent, and enormously entertaining.

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