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Rockhounding & Prospecting: Upper Midwest

How to Find Gold, Copper, Agates, Thomsonite, and Other Favorites

Jim Magnuson

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Find and Collect the Most Sought-After Rocks & Minerals

Rock collecting is the treasure hunt of a lifetime, and the Upper Midwest is a wonderful place to start. The region is home to a variety of collectible and valuable specimens of rocks and minerals. From Lake Superior Agates to Petoskey Stone to geodes and fossils, the area’s offerings provide a challenge but are possible—and in some cases likely—to be found with the right approach. Rockhounding expert Jim Magnuson is here to help! In this beginner’s guide, the author presents his easy-to-follow process to help you maximize your rock-hunting adventures.

Jim takes an in-depth look at the region’s most sought-after targets, including precious metals like silver and gold. Then he teaches you what to look for, where to look, and even how to prospect for them. Learn to dig for, find, and identify each kind. All the information you need is right here within this thorough yet accessible guide.

Full-color photographs show you the specimens as you’re likely to find them in the field, while range maps tell you if you’re in the right place. Jim points you to locations where you’re allowed to hunt and collect, and the book includes need-to-know information on equipment, safety, and the legality of collecting. Plus, there’s advice on polishing your finds and even tips on which Midwest rock events are most worth attending.

Perfect for residents and visitors of Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin, the Beginner’s Guide to Rockhounding & Prospecting in the Upper Midwest is everything you need in one handy guide.

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