Neoliberalism's War on Higher Education

Henry A. Giroux

ca. 18,99
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Schule und Lernen / Sekundarstufe I


Neoliberalism’s War on Higher Education reveals how neoliberal policies, practices, and modes of material and symbolic violence have radically reshaped the mission and practice of higher education, short-changing a generation of young people.

Giroux exposes the corporate forces at play and charts a clear-minded and inspired course of action out of the shadows of market-driven education policy. Championing the youth around the globe who have dared to resist the bartering of their future, he calls upon public intellectuals—as well as all people concer ned about the future of democracy—to speak out and defend the university as a site of critical learning and democratic promise.

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adjunct faculty organizing, graduate student unionization, student activism, corporatisation education, political university, neoliberal violence, student debt, corporatization education