Project Based Learning Made Simple

100 Classroom-Ready Activities that Inspire Curiosity, Problem Solving and Self-Guided Discovery

April Smith

ca. 18,83
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100 ready-to-use projects to challenge and inspire your third-, fourth- and fifth-graders!Project Based Learning Made Simple is the fun and engaging way to teach twenty-first-century competencies including problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity. This straightforward book makes it easier than ever to bring this innovative technique into your classroom with 100 ready-to-use projects in a range of topics, including: Science and STEM * Save the Bees! * Class Aquarium * Mars Colony Math Literacy * Personal Budgeting * Bake Sale * Family Cookbook Language Arts * Candy Bar Marketing * Modernize a Fairy Tale * Movie Adaptation Social Studies * Build a Statue * Establish a Colony * Documenting Immigration