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Trails of the Angeles

100 Hikes in the San Gabriel Mountains

David Harris

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Explore the San Gabriel Mountains with This Authoritative Hiking Guide

Escape the rapid-paced urban life of Southern California, and step into the open, rugged terrain of the San Gabriel Mountains. Here, amid forest, chaparral, and stream, you’ll revitalize yourself in nature’s unhurried environment. Visit Eaton Canyon Falls, the most popular waterfall in the Angeles National Forest. Enjoy a family-friendly hike to a historic fire lookout site on Vetter Mountain. Challenge yourself on the San Antonio Ridge, the hardest traverse in the Angeles.

Now in its 10th edition, Trail of the Angeles by David Harris and John W. Robinson has been the region’s trusted hiking guide for more than 45 years. It describes 100 spectacular trails—ranging from one-hour strolls to challenging two-day backcountry trips—in the mountain range that looms large over the Los Angeles Basin. Featuring 18 new hikes, Trail of the Angeles guides you into almost every corner of the San Gabriels.

Inside You’ll Find:

  • Descriptions of 100 hikes, including 18 new outings
  • Trip difficulty evaluations, season recommendations, length, and elevation gain/loss
  • Historical photos and descriptions, including the first American Indian footpaths, early pioneer homesteads, and landmarks still visible from the Great Hiking Era
  • “Trails That Used to Be”: ghost trails that have vanished or are now impassable
  • BONUS: A folded full-color map detailing all the hikes described in the book



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