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101 Hikes in Southern California

Exploring Mountains, Seashore, and Desert

David Harris

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Discover 101 of the best hikes in Southern California, from family outings to 50-mile treks.

The Southland is unparalleled for its beauty and diversity. A coastal trail, a desert hike, and a mountain trek are always just an hour or two away. Experience 101 of the region’s best hiking trips with authors David Harris and Jerry Schad. See a spectacular geological showcase cradled between two faults at the Devil’s Punchbowl. Find the ruins of a once grand Malibu mansion, now Solstice Canyon Park. Enjoy the natural hot springs alongside a mountain stream at Deep Creek.

Take the guesswork out of choosing a trail that’s right for you. Each entry in this guidebook provides vital information like total distance, elevation gain or loss, hiking time, highlights, and difficulty—not to mention a full description of the route. You can take the entire family on a 1-mile stroll, or challenge yourself with a 52-mile backpacking trip.

Inside you’ll find:

  • 101 spectacular hikes, ranging from 1 to 52 miles
  • Essential details such as distance, elevation change, and difficulty
  • Route descriptions and directions to the trailheads
  • Full-color maps and photographs

Leave the urban world behind and discover the natural splendor of Southern California—from the Santa Monica and San Gabriel Mountains to the Laguna Mountains and Anza-Borrego Desert, from the Torrey Pines beaches to the summit of San Jacinto Peak.



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