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Rock-O Goes West

Will Hallewell

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


It’s Christmas on the Island Gazore, but not all is as happy as one might think.

Sure, the Cinder Krause has arrived, and Rock-O has come to entertain, but big changes are afoot.

Just as in Book 6 of our series, love is in the air, but so is mischief beyond compare. 

Rock-O, the legendary music star from the Island Gazore has come home to perform at the traditional family day concert, but not even his talent or pink skin can save him from the likes of Mo Chalmers.  Plans are in place to rid the island of its rightful inhabitants, and Rock-O is among the first to go.

Or is he?

The transitional book in the Gazore series, Rock-O Goes West is the beginning of the end.

From Cinder Krause, to Rock-O, to Gemina and the residents of Harbor Court, even to One-Eyed Jack, the cast of characters is a long list of notable islanders all forced to make tough decisions.

Can Gemina and Jack save those forced to leave their beloved land?

And what about the Dads?

Hang on tight - the rescue of the Islanders has begun.

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juvenile, fantasy, childrens, will hallewell, paranormal, gazore