Compulsive Reassurance Seeking Workbook

CBT Skills to Help You Live with Confidence and Break the Cycle of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Amanda Petrik-Gardner

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Learn to trust your own senses, live with confidence, and break the cycle of compulsive reassurance seeking with this empowering, step-by-step workbook. Are you constantly seeking reassurance from others? Do you suffer from debilitating anxiety if you aren't absolutely certain about everything? Seeking reassurance to remove doubt or fear is natural, and we all do it from time to time. However, it becomes a compulsion when it develops into something repetitive and ritualistic. This compulsion is linked to obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), can perpetuate and worsen this condition, and can also create conflict between you, your friends, coworkers, and loved ones. So, how do you stop? The Compulsive Reassurance Seeking Workbook offers proven-effective tools to reduce compulsions, make peace with uncertainty, and better manage your OCD. Grounded in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), an evidence-based treatment for OCD, this cutting-edge workbook reveals how reassurance seeking can interfere with your relationships, and provides healthy coping strategies you can use to reassure yourselfwithout resorting to compulsive questioning. Compulsive reassurance seeking can be exhausting, and more often than not, exposes you and those closest to you to increased levels of conflict, stress, and anxiety. It's time to reassure yourself the right waya way that encourages and empowers you to seek genuine well-being, self-worth, and peace of mind from within. This workbook can help you get started today.

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