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Classic Dessert for Two: Small-Batch Treats, New and Selected Recipes

Christina Lane

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From the original small-batch baker and author of Dessert for Two, 95 recipes to satisfy any craving without leaving you with a surplus of sweets. 

Since the launch of her popular food blog, dessert lovers everywhere have been coming to Christina Lane for small-batch recipes for their favorite treats. Her fans will love being able to find the best of her cookies, bars, cakes, pies, puddings, and more in one place: Classic Dessert for Two. This collection features a hand-picked selection of Lane’s most popular bakes, along with 20 never-been-published recipes, a brand-new introduction, and gorgeous full-color photography. Lane’s familiar, friendly voice and clever methods for scaling down decadent desserts invite readers to step into the kitchen and whip up a perfectly portioned treat for themselves and a friend (or just themselves!). Perfect for new couples living together, empty nesters looking to reduce food waste, and anyone with a sweet tooth and eyes bigger than their stomach, this cookbook will surely hit all the sweet spots. 

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