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Heirs of Fate

The Gods' Fate Novellas

Amara Luciano

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THREE YOUNG WOMEN. THREE DARK DESTINIES. ONE CHANCE TO CHANGE EVERYTHING. Three spellbinding novellas in the Gods’ Fate world available in print for the first time. BRIDE OF DREAMS In order to escape her mother’s war-torn legacy, Diya must marry. In her homeland, marriage can mend decades of hostility; long-awaited truces suddenly become possible. But when her short trip to the altar ends in a curse upon her betrothed, Diya must rescue his soul from the gods—or risk the destruction of their villages. HUNTRESS AND THE NIGHTINGALE Once a huntress blessed by the gods, now Zahria is little more than an exalted murderer. As her royal lover continues to torment the desperate and dying people of the kingdom, her only solace exists within wineskins that never seem to run out—until she’s presented with a promising bargain: Destroy a cursed forest and sin against gods who have likely abandoned her… or remain forever imprisoned in a land not her own. STORM MISTRESS Jade has no trouble remembering what her brave and foolish foray into the pirate quarter once cost her: blood and destruction. Now clever backdoor deals and swift thrusts of her hips bring her that much closer to stopping the monsters of her island home from abusing their power. But when a mysterious storm goddess kills one of her patrons—an essential member of a deadly captain’s crew—Jade's plans threaten to crumble. To stay alive, she must defeat all her enemies, for her death will not win her the island’s game of shadows. PLUS Bonus content including a BRAND NEW story!  This short story will include crossover between characters from the previously published novellas and will serve as a bridge to the forthcoming full-length novel set in the same world.

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