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This Allotment

Stories of growing, eating and nurturing

Sarah Rigby (Hrsg.)

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Sachbuch / Natur: Allgemeines, Nachschlagewerke


'A celebration of community, belonging, intimacy, healing, reclamation, connection, growth, grief, birth, and joy' Victoria Bennett, author of All My Wild Mothers 'Dip into these pages as an allotment sceptic and you may well find your mind is changed. If you have a plot, you'll be reminded of why all the hard work is worthwhile.' The Garden This Allotment brings together thirteen brilliant contemporary writers in a glorious celebration of these entirely unique spaces: plots that mean so much more than the soil upon which they sit. An allotment. A health-giving, heart-filling miniature kingdom of carrots, courgettes and callaloo. A microcosm for our societies at large as people claim their 'patch' and guard it protectively, but also of welcoming arms, gifted gluts and new recipes from overseas. They are places of blowsy dahlias, cricket on the radio and cups of tea in tumbledown sheds; they are buzzing bees and the wisdom of weeds and seeds; they are resilience, resistance and freedom with a radical history and future. All life is here is this collection of vibrant original pieces on growing, eating and nurturing. CONTRIBUTORS: Jenny Chamarette * Rob Cowen * Marchelle Farrell * Olia Hercules * David Keenan & Heather Leigh * Kirsteen McNish * JC Niala * Graeme Rigby * Rebecca Schiller * Sui Searle * Sara Venn * Alice Vincent

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