Lost in Ideology

Interpreting Modern Political Life

Jason Blakely

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Politikwissenschaft


Modern political life is a confusing and disorientating terrain of competing ideologies. Jason Blakely offers readers a lively, fresh and insightful guide through the labyrinth of conflicting and competing ideas in order to better understand why ideology in the modern era can be so divisive.

Lost in Ideology sets out from the conviction that the current disorientation engulfing the world’s liberal democracies is in no small part ideological in origin. People feel confused because there are multiple ideological maps, so to speak, each marked by dramatically different points of interest, rivers, summits, roads, and total topographies. Ideology in the modern era has the paradoxical effect of orienting millions even as it disorients millions. This leads us to the present-day predicament in which individuals of every imaginable political stripe confidently declare: “I have a theory – but you? You have an ideology!”



fascism, environmentalism, conservatism, liberalism, nationalism, racism, socialism, green politics, feminism, Charles Taylor, multiculturalism