Stories, Advice, and Observations

Peter Miller

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Wirtschaft


A love letter to the small shop, and shop owners everywhere, by beloved bookseller Peter Miller.

For more than four decades, Peter Miller has run a design bookshop that shares his name in Seattle. He has also written three of his own books, manuals about cooking and about food and about eating together. In  Shopkeeping, Miller writes for the first time about his other love: shopkeeping.

“There is a tradition of shopkeeping, a tradition of codes, etiquette, and customs. For the most part, it is an oral history, passed along, person to person. You learn to be a retailer—not by going to college, but by going to work. You learn from people who have learned how to run a shop.” [from the Introduction]

Over ten chapters, Miller crafts stories from the bookshop floor with wry humor and skillful storytelling. Readers will laugh out loud as they come to understand along the way that small shops characterize our towns and cities, making them unique, special, and worth visiting and living near. An essay collection for book and bookshop lovers, small business owners, and Seattle natives, transplants, and visitors,  Shopkeeping captures the art and heart of running a local shop cherished by the community that surrounds it.