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The Captains Guide to Hurricane Holes - Volume IV - Cuba and the Northwest Caribbean

Stephen J Pavlidis, David Underill

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This is Volume 4 of the eBook series, The Captain's Guide to Hurricane Holes and covers the northwest Caribbean region, including Cuba, the Cayman Islands, the north coast of Jamaica, Honduras, and the Bay Islands, Guatemala and the Rio Dulce, Belize, and Mexico. There are a total of four volumes in the series covering the entire Bahamas and Caribbean.

The Captain's Guide to Hurricane Holes is a navigational aid designed for yacht and boat captains transiting the waters of The Bahamas and the Caribbean.  

If you are so unfortunate as to find your yacht or boat in the path of an oncoming hurricane, this book will provide advice on the safest locations to flee to as a last resort. Sitting out a hurricane on a yacht or boat in the water should only be done as a matter of desperation. But if you must do so, and every year many captains find themselves in that situation, this book will give you the best advice on where to go for better safety of ship and crew, securing your vessel, info on hurricane formation and history, preparation strategies, weather information, plus the characteristics, charts, and photos of the safest places to wait out a storm.

- Details on 226 Possible Hurricane Holes (in the series)

- Detailed Charts and Aerial Photos

- GPS Waypoints and Piloting Instructions

- Marina and Haul Out Details

- Weather Nets and Safety Information

- Hurricane Formation and History

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