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How to Enjoy the World Cup

Chris England

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The ultimate guide to the 2014 World Cup, from acclaimed author and football guru Chris England. Whatever your age, whether you're a fanatic or just an innocent bystander, here's how to enjoy the greatest carnival of kick-a-ball on the planet. * In-depth information and analysis on all 32 teams * Full tournament schedule * How to perform classic football tricks that will amaze your friends and confound your enemies. And get you off the sofa during the 7,830 minutes of World Cup football on TV this summer. * Fascinating facts about Brazil, land of jogo bonito * PLUS recipes, games, wallcharts, quizzes, movies, music, how to pick a 2nd team (just in case England don't go all the way), star-gazing tips, Voodoo-teo and much more...

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