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The Head of Years Handbook

Driving Student Well-being and Engagement

Michael Power

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Is it possible to achieve a good work-life balance as a head of year while still being effective and offering the best pastoral care for your students that you can? This book shows you how.

The Head of Year’s Handbook is the companion to one of the most rewarding yet challenging roles within a school. It looks in depth at what a head of year does on a day-to-day basis, the challenges you will face, and provides strategies and ideas to improve student outcomes and improve your own leadership ability.

The book is suitable for those just starting out as a head of year or those who have been in the role for a number of years and need some inspiration or up-to-date strategies. It takes into account current issues facing your students, and often society as a whole, including cyberbullying, resilience and mental health, dealing with major traumatic events, while also helping you to build your leadership and management skills. Most importantly the text focuses on student well-being and engagement, your own work-life balance, and the need to celebrate achievement.


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pastoral care in schools, school leadership, student engagement, year leadership