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Essential Guides for Early Career Teachers: Understanding and Developing Positive Behaviour in Schools

Patrick Garton

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Behaviour is the number one concern for most early career teachers so this accessible book provides a range of research informed and road-tested strategies to support the development of positive classroom systems and structures.

It offers key psychological insights into the factors that lie behind different behaviours, helping you understand and manage your own behaviours as well as those of the children and young people you teach. Chapters cover understanding individuals, the classroom environment and the wider school context, as well as working with parents and carers. Ultimately the book enables you to successfully work with groups of children and young people so that they can learn effectively and make progress.

The Essential Guides for Early Career Teachers series provides accessible, carefully researched, quick reads for early career teachers, covering the key topics you will encounter during your training year and first two years of teaching.  They complement and are fully in line with the new Early Career Framework and are intended to assist ongoing professional development by bringing together current information and thinking on each area in one convenient place.

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