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Understanding Feedback

A critical exploration for teacher educators

Caroline Elbra-Ramsay

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Schule und Lernen / Unterrichtsvorbereitung


A critical text on feedback and assessment for all teacher educators.

Feedback can be key to learning, but its potential value is not always fulfilled in practice. Developing a more nuanced understanding of feedback is particularly crucial in the ITE sector where ITE students receive feedback as learners but also give feedback to their pupils, and teacher educators need to provide feedback to their students and also guide them to give effective feedback to their pupils.

This book explores what feedback means in the ITE sector and more broadly within education.  It discusses the relational, pedagogical and moral dimensions of feedback conceptualized by student teachers, drawing on research data and supporting teacher educators considering the implications for their own practice. It includes discussion of placement and academic assessment / feedback practice as well as referencing the Teachers’ Standards, the Core Framework for ITT and recommendations from the Carter Review.

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assessment and feedback, teaching placement, peer review, teaching practice, performativity, teacher training