Communication Skills for Social Work Practice

Restorative and Strength-based Approaches

Johanna Woodcock Ross

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This is a new edition of a successful and well-established textbook has been reworked and updated to meet the needs of today’s student and practitioner.


No other book provides such a comprehensive introduction to effective communication for Social Work, bringing together the fundamental knowledge and the specialist skills needed for different settings in to one place. It combines practical examples with a clear theoretical approach, demonstrates the subtleties of communication with specific and diverse service users and carers, and maps outcomes to the PCF and KSS.


In addition, you will also find in this third edition:


  • More links between theory and practice making explicit to help students without placement experience see how learning can be applied.
  • New content on different communication strategies to give a broader portfolio of skills, such interviewing skills.
  • New content on advances in technology and how this might be used to address the lasting issues arising from the Covid-19 pandemic.



Whether you’re a practising social worker or a student studying for their qualification, this is the ideal resource to develop your communication skills and ensure you are fully prepared to meet the needs of diverse service user groups and demonstrate how they are meeting professional standards.



social work, specialist communication, social work practice, fundamental communication, communication skills