Dilemmas and Decision Making in Policing

Emma Spooner, Bob Cooper

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Politikwissenschaft


This text explores how policing students and police officers might apply theory to tackle dilemmas demonstrated through true to life scenarios.

Relevant for those undertaking the Professional Policing degree, Apprenticeships or the Degree Holder Entry Programme, as well as their academic and work-based educators, it examines the complexities faced on a daily basis by frontline officers. 

A range of fictional realistic case studies are presented in order to highlight contemporary challenges in the modern policing landscape. These are unpicked through discussion and reflective questions, exploring how decisions are made based on theoretical understanding and practical considerations in context. Key themes within these scenarios include procedural justice, legitimacy, organisational culture, prioritisation of workload, objectivity and neutrality, human rights and values. The book provides students and their educators with the opportunities to discuss policing dilemmas and decision-making in a safe space.

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managing risk, legitimacy and control, thinking aloud framework, critical thinking in policing, police theory and practice, human rights and values, scenarios in policing, studying policing, safeguarding, procedural justice, frontline police officers