Fed Up

The Federal Government's War on America

Derk Palfreyman

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As a believer in God, the father of five children, and a passionate patriot, I am literally Fed Up watching the America I love being systematically destroyed by our government. World-dominating powers have been seeking to destroy this republic of freedom since its birth in the 1700s. Internal forces are attempting to do to America what external forces have never and can never do: destroy the Constitution and the agency we call freedom. Political leaders of both major parties are complicit with communist policies that are being implemented to replace our constitutional government and take over America, her people, private property, and her resources. Constitutional republics rely on a properly educated populace to continue to allow the greatest amount of freedom and wealth for all levels of society. History revision is being used to polarize Americans by race, income, and religion. It is destroying the fabric that makes America unique. In Fed Up, I have documented the historical record of America and shown the results of decisions made against the will of the people that have shattered the Bill of Rights. The consequences have been manifested in ever-increasing poverty, swelling welfare rolls, and the devaluing of human life.