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Overcoming the Threat to Our Future

A Book About the Existential Threat to Our Evolutionary Future, a Book That Explains How We Can Overcome That Threat

David Anderson

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Pädagogik


This is a book about the social, political, philosophical, religious, and economic presuppositions we have believed to be inherent truths that we are now discovering were built on geo-ecological flaws. We are being faced with an existential threat. There is the possibility of human extinction. And unlike threats in the past to all forms of life on the planet, this one will not be determined by a random meteorite/asteroid or natural planetary happening. It will be self-inflicted. We are that species. Where have we all gone wrong? Could it be that certain elements in our thought process laboriously pieced together from the beginning of our bronze/iron/agricultural age are now working against us? And if so, what are those elements? Finally, the question is, How could we, the most clever and brilliant primate ever to evolve, be bringing this on ourselves? Is it that we have an evolutionary self-destructive neurotic/psychotic cranial imperfection? And if this is the reason, at what stage of our evolution did that imperfection occur? Finally, do you and I biologically/psychologically/neurologically have the ability to move away from that imperfection?

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