Political Communication in Britain

Campaigning, Media and Polling in the 2017 General Election

Roger Mortimore (Hrsg.), Simon Atkinson (Hrsg.), Dominic Wring (Hrsg.)

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Political Communication in Britain is a now established series of nine books, the first of which appeared in the aftermath of the 1979 General Election. This book follows the structure of previous volumes and features commentaries and assessments from the pollsters who monitored voter opinion during the 2017 General Election. It also includes chapters from party strategists responsible for devising and executing the rival campaigns. Furthermore contributions from journalists offer a media perspective on the campaign. The remainder of the book consists of academic material designed to complement and augment the aforementioned professionals’ chapters. Here the focus is on the major dynamics of political communication, specifically the roles of the press, television, advertising, internet and other such phenomena during the 2017 Snap Election.

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process, policy, reporting, digital news, press, campaigning, election, partisanship, polling, public service broadcasting, agenda-setting, coverage, Jeremy Corbyn, newspapers, Theresa May, online journalism, messaging, leaders, journalism, BBC