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An Analysis of the Grammatical Errors made by Grade 9 and 12 Pupils in English Composition Writing

Rabecca Tembo

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Englische Sprachwissenschaft / Literaturwissenschaft


Master's Thesis from the year 2020 in the subject English Language and Literature Studies - Linguistics, grade: 9 and 12, , course: Master of Arts in Linguistic Science, language: English, abstract: This study has analysed the grammatical errors pupils make when writing English Compositions. This study paper aimed at investigating the grammatical errors committed by grade 9 and 12 pupils in English compositions. The study had the overall goal of identifying the kind of grammatical rules the pupils break. These errors hinder learners from understanding the language and sometimes block or slow down communication. The objectives of the study were: to discover types of grammatical errors that learners make when writing compositions and 2. to discuss rules that were broken for pupils to commit such errors. The research design was a mixed method design which involved both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Its targeted population was twenty-five (25) teachers of English and one hundred (100) grade 9 and 12 pupils from five selected secondary schools. Random sampling technique was used to arrive at Pupils to be included in the sample. Data for this research was collected using semi-structured interviews and written composition scripts. The compositions were marked with the help of other language teachers. Data was analysed and presented thematically using tables, graphs and discussions of findings. Composition scripts from the pupils were analyzed by looking at the types of errors made. The findings of the research revealed that the common grammar errors committed by secondary school pupils in Petauke District are: Verb tense, subject- verb agreement, pronoun, spellings, word order, and use of articles, double negative, preposition, and wrong word. It was also discovered that Pupils break grammar rules to make grammatical errors. The findings of this research may inform educators and language material developers about the grammatical errors pupils make and the rules they break to make such errors. The findings might also serve as guidance to teachers on how to assist learners to become better sentence writers. Ultimately, the project ends with conclusion and recommendations.

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Supervisor and Ms.I Moonga, Mr Samson Zimba