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Concepts of Management. Characteristics, Levels, Functions, Skills, and Importance

Ibrahim Bekmezci

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Management


Essay in the subject Business economics - Business Management, Corporate Governance, , language: English, abstract: Social systems are complex. Companies are increasingly changing structurally in the direction of more flexibility and flat hierarchies. Agility offers many opportunities and at the same time places significantly different demands on systems, structures, and people. Parallel to these developments, the importance of modern management systems in business organizations is also increasing. In the following scientific paper, we will go into the central topic of the nature of management in more detail. The focus of the following considerations is the discussion of the management of the organization, primary in the form of modern and large companies. These are typically characterized by a set of organizational and conceptual issues arising from the interactions between the various organizational members. This primarily includes the business management issues. In the following, management will be understood as the solution of organizational problems. This central task is the responsibility of the top management of an enterprise. In the light of this background, the following central questions of management will be discussed and explained:What management actually is and what characteristics it has, what management concepts and models exist and how these processes can be explained,which levels the modern management has and how they can be defined, which functions, tasks, and goals the management has in a modern organization, what skills modern management in an organization must exactly possess to achieve the corporate goals successfully and just how relevant the management is in a modern organization. The aim of this work is to explain the management concepts and processes in modern organizations from an economic perspective and to discuss the internal management problems and possible solutions. This analysis also aims to provide an up-to-date contribution to science and research.

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