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Adhesive Bonding

Materials, Applications and Technology

Paul Ludwig Geiß, Jürgen Klingen, K. Bernhard Schröder, et al.

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Chemie


Both solid knowledge of the basics as well as expert knowledge is needed to create rigid, long-lasting and material-specific adhesions in the industrial or trade sectors. Information that is extremely difficult and time-consuming to find in the current literature. Written by specialists in various disciplines from both academia and industry, this handbook is the very first to provide such comprehensive knowledge in a compact and well-structured form. Alongside such traditional fields as the properties, chemistry and characteristic behavior of adhesives and adhesive joints, it also treats in detail current practical questions and the manifold applications for adhesives.

"Experts with many years of experience from the wide field of adhesive technology have cooperated to produce really excellent work, as each page of this book testifies. Currently available knowledge of adhesive technology and its possible applications is presented here in a very simple and readily comprehensible yet substantiated way in all its facets. (...) Much emphasis is placed on explanations by way of many diagrams, which are aimed at simplifying work and understanding some difficult topics - a task that this book fulfils. The systematic and well-ordered structure allows the reader easy orientation and fast access to the area in question. A really excellent and readily comprehensible expert book at the cutting-edge of technology that I can recommend without hesitation to any interested reader."

From the evaluations of the project idea: "I am convinced that, due to his decades of experience, Professor Brockmann is one of the few people to have gained an excellent overview of the entire developments, and will produce a book that should be widely welcomed within the professional community." Dr. Gierenz, Solingen "There is hardly any literature on adhesive technology that is practice-oriented." "All relevant topics and aspects are considered." "The author's renown (...) very high!"

Industrial Association of Adhesives "Adhesive technology is a cross-sectional technology and corresponds to the latest developments in materials science and is thus vital for innovations. It is considered a universal joining technology, meaning that it influences all technical fields."

"Brockmann, the author, enjoys great renown, especially due to his comprehensive experience in this field."
Welt der Farben
"In the new book, 'Adhesive Technology', published by Wiley-VCH, Brockmann et al. report on modern processes and technologies."
Materials and Corrosion
"The price is acceptable considering the scope and finish of this book. It can thus be recommended to all those interested in adhesive technology."
adhäsion - kleben & dichten (the expert journal for industrial adhesive and sealing technology)
"... shows in a compact and easily comprehensible manner what adhesive technology is capable of today and in future in the various areas of application. ... It describes among other things practical questions ... Further, the reader gains insights into nature's sophisticated adhesive technologies and many everyday adhesive solutions. ...learns in this book that this technology often treated with skepticism is a very powerful joining technology when correctly developed and applied, while gaining help in successfully dealing with adhesive tasks."
"The editors and co-authors have succeeded in interpreting the expert arguments in a comprehensible way, such that even newcomers can use them in their tasks. (...) This is why 'Adhesive Technology' is an important companion for engineers and chemists working in adhesive joining technology, so as to be able to professionally tackle everyday tasks in practice. Not only are the many bases of adhesives discussed, but also quality assurance, and testing methods for adhesive joints - something the practitioner will particularly appreciate..."
Chemie Ingenieur Technik
"...a highly gratifying and extremely successful work...Very rarely can a book be recommended so whole-heartedly."
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