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in Naturwissenschaft, Technik und Medizin

Hans Friedrich Ebel, Claus Bliefert

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Naturwissenschaften allgemein


In the demanding professional world of today nothing counts more than the art of phrasing and presenting your own thoughts in words and pictures. Here the scope ranges from seminar lectures as a student to business meetings and public discussions and to being the official speaker at a conference. An experienced team of authors deals with all these demands (which may quite well be technical in nature) in this book. Their emphasis here is on speeches at conferences and congresses that are supported by visual aids. The First Edition of this book was received so well by scientists and business people that a Second Edition followed after only two years. Topics are dealt with in more detail, and further personal experiences of the authors in giving presentations are woven into the more theoretical information. A humorous style and numerous cartoons ensure that the material - in all its density - is presented in an entertaining and effective manner. Public speaking is, after all, not only a subject to be learned and taught - it is also a very human experience. In both of these areas this book offers assistance and stimulation.

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Bildungswesen, Kommunikationstechnik, Medizin, Pharmazie / Medizinische Ratgeber, Vortrag, Allg. Naturwissenschaft, Rede, Informations- u. Bibliothekswissenschaft