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The Cinder Buggy / A Fable in Iron and Steel

Garet Garrett

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Jugendbücher ab 12 Jahre


This is the second of three novels with a free market theme written by the author in the early 1920's, the first being "The Driver" and the last "Satan's Bushel". "The Cinder Buggy"'s plot revolves around the historic quest to perfect the manufacture of steel rails for the rapidly growing railroad industry, which initially used only iron rails. The steel age that would follow was the most dynamic in human history, as mighty skyscrapers, bridges, sailing vessels, and many other things which could only be dreamt of in the past, could now be built.

Garrett was a fine novelist, and successfully mixed in believable action and love sequences into his stories about the wonders of capitalism in a way that Ayn Rand could only envy.

The writing style is a bit old-fashioned, but easy to read and follow. "The Cinder Buggy" is great reading from the historical perspective, as well as a fine novel. 

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