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Jihad in Central Asia

Foreign Fighters, the Islamic State of Khorasan, the Chechens and Uyghur Islamic Front in China

Musa Khan Jalalzai

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The four Central Asian States (Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan) security agencies and government have adopted several law and order measures to effectively fight against radicalization, but some states failed to intercept the infiltration of the ISIS militants from Afghanistan into the region. The power structures, social institutions and local authorities of the Central Asian states are unable to work with radical Islamic groups. The prospect of nuclear terrorism in Central Asia and possibly in Russia, is crystal clear. The risk of a complete nuclear device falling into the hands of terrorists will cause consternation in the region. Nuclear terrorism remains a constant threat to global peace. Access of terrorist organizations to nuclear material is a bigger threat to civilian population. These are some of the issues discussed in the book. The issues are based on well researched papers by eminent authors on the subject.



terrorism, jihad, ISIS