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Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Universal Knowledge

Charles Knight

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Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Universal Knowledge is a judicious arrangement. It has the obvious advantage of completing, in a comparatively short time, large departments of knowledge with the most recent Information. The editorial labour, too, being more condensed, the relations and proportions of each article and subject can be better preserved The Conductor has no reason to regret it was resolved to produce a New Dictionary in a New form. The old materials were of the highest value; but the edifice required to be rebuilt. The amount of literary labour which this remodelling has involved will at once be seen by anyone who will compare the articles of the present work with those of the original. That labour has not been confined to revision and correction. Many new articles have been introduced, and many of the old ones supplied by others wholly re-written. No diligence has been spared to collect fact not previously recorded; to systematise articles that from the long course of publication of the original work were disconnected; to make the references complete; and truly to present, as far as a "Dictionary of Universal Knowledge" can present the advanced opinions of our own times; to this labour, amongst all engaged in the work, the Conductor can bear the most ample testimony. Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Universal Knowledge has a more systematic shape; while every exertion has been made to bring up the articles to the science of the present day.

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