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Encyclopaedia of War, Peace And Global Security

P. C. Sinha

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Politikwissenschaft


This Encyclopedia of War, Peace and Global Security is a unique attempt to bring together a range of contemporary issues and present them in a user friendly manner. While on one hand, it briefly provides an account of international wars and peace initiatives, on the other hand it provides readers with global security scenario, including details about its various infestations. This encyclopedia presents a detailed account all global conventions, treaties, declarations, and protocols being developed and adopted till date related to war, peace and global security. Major resolutions and discussions on global disarmament initiatives have been elaborated upon in brief, so has been the status of multilateral arms control, regulation and disarmament agreements. The readers of this encyclopedia will also have the benefit of going through various documents, communique, memorandum of understanding(MOU), charters, plan of action guidelines, principles, joint statements, agreements and major conferences on war/ peace, and global security. Detailed account of Atlantic charter and the then prevailing common law on war, peace and security is presented.

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