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China's Change

The Greatest Show on Earth

Hugh Peyman

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Politikwissenschaft


-->China's Change injects timely, original ideas into the world's most important, if confused, debate over how to manage the twin challenges of anaemic economic growth and accelerating global disruption. Change is the cry from the US to Europe, Asia to Australasia. The snag is the West has no playbook to help. China however, to regain control of its future, has regularly reinvented itself by understanding change's nature through traditional philosophy.This book argues it is time to "Look to China" but stresses China's approach to managing change only supplies the process not individual policies: the how not the what. Policies have to be created locally. In managing change, traditional thought is China's X-Factor, the key to China's record-breaking economic transformation. To grasp this, China's Change provides an understanding of China's past, present and future through its philosophy, history, economics, business, politics, prospects and impact in a way that no other book has done.Two big global questions are answered. Can other countries, firms and individuals find paths out of their dim twilight by adapting China's change process? Can China continue to create one-third of world growth, more than the US, EU and Japan combined, to help cure the last decade's global economic malaise?China's roadmap for change enables anyone to navigate growing global disruption. Ironically China's process is built on such ignored-in-the-West ideas as long-term thinking, clear priorities, gradualism and non-ideological pragmatism that earlier powered two centuries of Western economic dominance. If the West and rest of Asia learn from China to manage change, the next global surprise could be another turning of the tables. There is no end to history, only more turns of the wheel: for now China's Change is again the Greatest Show on Earth. --> -->Contents: China and an Increasingly Disrupted WorldChange, the Chinese Principle and the Greatest Show on EarthHistory, Philosophy, Strategy and Governance20 Essential Ideas for Life, Family, Business and GovernmentPivots of ChangeManaging Change: China's X-FactorThe Overseas ConnectionWen's Xun and Wenzhou TheatreBattling within the Party for ChangeWhy Many Misunderstand ChinaWhy China's Economy is MisunderstoodEconomic Change: The Difference is Night and DayFour Strong Overlooked PillarsGhosts, Nightmares, Middle-Income Trap and RealityFinding the Morning Sun to Avoid a Chaotic Era --> -->Readership: General public interested in the social, political, economic and financial development of China as well as world affairs. -->Keywords:China;China's Change;China's Economics;China's Business;China's Finance;Globalization;Disruption;Culture Wars;Post-BrexitReview:"Through the extraordinary array of people he has known and met over 40-years, Hugh Peyman tells the story of today's China in a way that has never been done before."Tony HallBBC Director-General"It is rare for a foreigner to understand China from the ground up. Hugh's advantage is that he got to understand China's diaspora before working in China, going through the numbers at the ground level and meeting people engaged in both business and officialdom"Andrew ShengFormer Chief Adviser to the China Banking Regulatory CommissionHead of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission and author of From Asian to Global Financial Crisis "Every time you hear the negative alarm about China, reach for China's Change."Ralph LaymanState Street Global Advisors Vice Chairman "China's Change is essential reading for any serious global investor. Get insights from the perspective of a researcher who sees things from top-down and bottom-up and who has lived in China for 15 years."Ng Kok SongFormer Chief Investment Officer of the Government Investment Corporation of Singapore and Adviser to PIMCO "Punctures the biggest myths about the Chinese economy, from ghost cities to shadow banks. A great read, likely to change many readers' views on China."Andy RothmanMatthews Asia Investment Strategist, former US diplomat and top-rated CLSA strategist "Really like the way this is going for 'change'. China's Change is onto something, allowing it to be philosophical economics, which is much more beguiling than straight economics, of course! Particularly drawn in by the question of 'what is China getting right'."James KyngeEmerging Markets Editor Financial Times and award-winning author of China Shakes The World"All travellers to China, whether on business, holiday or study, should take this book that has it all on China: history, philosophy, government, politics, business and economics."Ho Kwon PingBanyan Tree Resorts Founder, Singapore Management University Trustees Chairman and author of The Ocean in a Drop "A very valuable book. Makes cogent arguments, with a lot of valid, interesting and provocative statements."Ian JohnsonPulitzer Prize winner and author of Wild Grass "Fascinating: has a flair for making the difficult to grasp and conceptualise accessible."Mike TsangEditor, Chatham House "Ahead of the curve, more visionary than most China followers and even lots of Chinese!"William FuAnglo American Group China Chief Representative "Brilliant. China's Change is the book that needs to be written. Just excellent. Monumental."Ulrik TrampeOdin Capital Founder Key Features:Identifying China's understanding of change to explain China's record-breaking economic recovery is unique; and a process that can be applied in the rest of the world"Look to China" is a startling and very unconventional idea for those in the West and parts of Asia battling with slow growth, economic challenges and no clear idea how to solve current problems: yet they have looked to China before with great successChina's Change weaves decades of detailed on-the-ground research and observations to correct major misconceptions such as ghost cities, shadow banking and excessive debt, while describing China's process that makes change work

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