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Sara and the Secret Mission

J.B. Moonstar

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


Sara will have to find her courage if she wants to protect her friends from poachers!
A cry for help wakes Sara, a young girl living in a small town in the countryside. The continuing calls compel Sara to slip out of her home to find the source. She doesn’t realize it was not a call she heard with her ears, but with her mind—a mother tiger is calling out for help to save her cubs!
But to save them, Sara must first find the cubs, and then hide them away from the poachers seeking to trap them. She must rely on her wits and courage to see it through; there is no turning back once she starts on her mission. Can she rescue the baby tigers, get them to safety, and get back home without anyone noticing she is gone? Can she stay one step ahead of the poachers?
Note from Author: Amur Tigers, or Siberian Tigers, are an endangered species dwindling rapidly due to illegal poaching and logging operations. Entire environments are being destroyed unless we find the courage to create change and aim to protect these now rare creatures. ‌



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